Triangle Bikini Set

Even if you do not have a fabulously sexy body, you can still look great with a triangle bikini set. If you know what color and design would suit you best, there is no stopping you from strolling the beach with confidence. Various studies have shown that the color of what you wear influences your overall appearance. Choosing the right color and print design will enhance your body’s strong points and hide your weak links.

Dark colors

The dark colors such as black create a slimming effect on the body. If you have wide hips and you want to create the illusion of having a narrower one, you should wear a bikini bottom with dark color. Any dark color will also draw the eyes to the swimwear and not to the bulges that you want to hide.

Bright colors

These colors give the illusion of fullness. Bright colored tops, for instance, can make your breast appear larger. If you want to make your hips look wider, a bright colored bottom can help you create the illusion. Bright and flashy colors are inviting to the eyes. With this you can pull the attention of your viewers to your best asset.

Horizontal patterns

If you think you are too tall and slim, opt for swimsuits that have horizontal patterns. Horizontal lines have a widening effect. To make your hips look wide, have a bottom with horizontal stripes. A top with this particular design will also make your bust appear fuller.

Vertical lines

If you want to look slimmer and taller, vertical printed swimwear is ideal for you. For that long-legged effect, choose a bottom that has bright stripes. To complete the getup, also wear a bright top with the same print.

Small prints

Small visual elements on your swimwear can render fullness to your chest and rear parts. As such, small details that follow the contours of your breasts will make it appear larger. Bikini bottoms with these embellishments would make your hips appear wider.

Big prints

Those big details on your swimwear have a slimming effect. These aesthetic elements can also hide small breasts and narrow hips by drawing the attention to the eye-catching designs and patterns in the swimsuit.

Exotic colors and details

There are various types of styles that could give you make you standout. Zebra and leopard patterns are common animal prints, while palm trees hand-painted on bikinis are also becoming popular. Animal-inspired details bring to mind the desert heat and could remind you of a tropical jungle. These create an impression of “wild” and “untamed.” Palm trees, on the other hand, have a more refreshing effect to the eyes.