Micro Bikini Set

If you have a body to die for, one of the best ways to flaunt it is by wearing a micro bikini set.  This beachwear has teeny weeny pieces of fabric that barely cover your private parts. A micro swimwear is the closest thing to being nude.  This usually consists of a small triangular fabric that covers the breasts for the top and also a triangular fabric that provides front coverage for the bottom.

Wearing a micro bikini takes guts and, of course, a sexy, well-toned body. If you do not have the body that would go well with this sexy swimwear, you still have the chance to get one. Below are some tips on you could look sexy in this skimpy bikini.

* Regulate your diet

Your food intake is a very important factor in feeling and looking great. Fruits, vegetables, and other food stuff that are low in calories can help you lose weight. A diet rich in protein can also give you that fabulous beach body. To have a healthy skin, you have to eat lots of food that are rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamin E ,and Vitamin C. These vitamins are potent antioxidants that can rejuvenate your skin tissue, thus, making your skin look healthier and more vibrant.

* Exercise regularly

Regulating your food intake is not enough to be sexy. To achieve a glass-hour figure, you should exercise regularly. It is best to know your body’s weak points and try to do exercises that could improve them. There are workouts especially designed to achieve a slimmer waist or more shapely hips. There are also some exercises that could tone down the abdominal muscles. You can hit the gym for your workouts or buy fitness DVDs to have your exercise routines done at home. Try running or jogging to shed off those unwanted pounds.

* Choose the swimwear that suits you best

To catch the attention of beach hunks, go for sexy swimsuits. In choosing a bikini top and bottom, make sure that they hug your body like a second skin. Consider the prints and the colors that would best complement your skin color and figure. If possible, try fitting the swimsuits before buying. There are some clothing pieces that look less appealing on display but would appear fabulous once you try them out, as well as fab looking swimwear that can look ill-fitted on you. You can always accompany your swimwear with chic accessories.