Bikini sets

When you say bikini sets, what would pop into mind is an image of a two-piece swimwear that show off the best curves in woman’s body. How this skimpy and flattering bikini got its name is as interesting as the swimwear itself. It was said that it was named after the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Marshall Islands. During the time that Louis Reard and Jacques Heim introduced the first modern beachwear of this type in 1946, the Americans were also conducting atomic bomb tests on the Pacific Marshall Islands. According to some, Reard and Heim expected their creation to create the same shock as experienced by those who witnessed the power of the atomic bomb. In flaunting the best attributes of the female curve, it is not impossible for this skimpy piece of clothing to illicit such response, especially from men.

The Greco-Roman design

It is popularly known that the bikini was first introduced in France in 1946 by Reard and Heim. But according to some accounts, this type of beachwear was already used during the Greco-Roman era. There are even mosaics from that time that depict women wearing something that resembles this modern bathing suit that we know today. In Pompeii, there was also a surviving statue of Venus clad in what looks like bathing suit bottoms. The development of the modern day swimwear can be traced back in 1907, when an Australian swimmer was arrested in a beach in Boston for wearing a body-hugging one piece swimsuit.

The modern-day look

There are also quite a lot of variations to the two-piece swimsuit, such as the monokini, camikini, tankini, and bandini. Today, this skimpy bathing suit comes in various styles and designs such as strapless, spaghetti-strap, and halter bikini tops. With wide-range options for the top, the bottom also varies in style, from the one that provides enough coverage to the one that hardly covers anything. In terms of the materials used, there is nylon, spandex, velvet, and cotton. This swimwear also varies from plain to floral and animal-printed ones. Some of the popular prints are leopard and zebra prints. There is also a tan-through two piece swimwear, which is thin enough and has thousands of tiny holes to enable the tanning of the areas covered by the fabric.

Bikini accessories

Today, a beachside getup will not be complete without the accessories that go with the beachwear. The most popular accessories include oversized hats, oversized bags, and oversized shades. These accessories protect the skin and make the beach attire all the more eye-catching.

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